Mobile Therapy

Advanced Senior Support goes beyond traditional home health care via our State of the Art Mobile Therapy Program. Recovery is often possible at home. In fact, many experts agree that recovery is more effective at home. If you and/ or your doctor believe that you would benefit from physical or occupational therapy, consider our very unique Mobile Therapy Program. We are able to bring an outpatient type of service to your doorstep. Our Mobile Therapy Unit is equipped with:

* Massage Table / Therapeutic Massage Therapy
* Hot & Cold
* Ultrasound
* TENS Unit
* Non Chemical Methods
* E-Stims
* Manual Exercise

Whether you are recovering from surgery, a hospital stay, experiencing muscle weakness, or dealing with chronic pain our Mobile Therapy Program can deliver relief and rehabilitation. The program was designed for those recovering after surgery, dealing with pain management, recovering from a fall, or for anyone struggling with mobility. Our Mobile Therapy Program is one of our most highly acclaimed programs and the positive feedback from our clients is on-going and has become expected. We can help you in your effort to manage your pain and assist you in staying active.

A word about our therapists: While technology is central in making our Mobile Therapy Program so successful, the technology is merely a tool in the hands of our very skilled, professional, compassionate, and highly praised therapists. The program is supervised by a Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist and each of our therapists are passionate about their work.